Lecture Schedule

Meetings 2015

February 18-21

Radiation Risk – Risky Business
Bermuda Dental Association

Hamilton, Bermuda
February 26-28 Cone Beam ReportingAmerican College of Legal medicine Las Vegas, NV
March 3-5 Cone Beam CT Small Field-of-ViewUniversity of Toronto CE Kitchener, ON
March 17-19 Panoramic Imaging and Cone beam CT; The Clinician’s Guide to Understanding it AllBig Apple Dental Meeting Bronx, NY
March 20-21

Cone beam CT and Risky business

Western Regional Dental Conference

Phoenix, AZ
March 23-25

Cone beam CT and Radiographic Interpretation

Naval Postgraduate Dental School

Bethesda, MD
March 25-27 CIGNA Consultant’s MeetingCIGNA Dental Ft. Lauderdale, FL
April 15-18 Cone beam CT and Risky businessTownie Meeting Las Vegas, NV
April 22-26

Cone Beam CT

Star of the North Dental Meeting

Minneapolis, MN
April 30 – May 2 Digital Imaging and Risky BusinessPennsylvania Dental Association CE Brooksville, PA
May 7-9 CBCT for EndodonticsAmerican Association of Endodontists Seattle, WA
July 22-25 Implementing Cone Beam Imaging into your Dental PracticePractical Clinical Courses, with Dr. Gordon Christensen Provo, UT
August 5-8 The Agony and the Ecstasy of CBCT
The Rocky Horror Implant Show
Radiographic Signs of Systemic DiseaseSouthwest Dental Conference
Dallas, TX